Cape Verde DNA

 While researching my family tree, I decided to look into genealogical DNA testing. There are different types of testing available. Males are able to have yDNA testing which tests a particular part of the DNA that is passed down from father to son. Females and males can have mTDNA which tests mitochondrial DNA that is passed down from mother to sons and daughters. These two tests will tell you where your genetic line started.

My testing showed that my maternal line goes back 80,000 years to North and West Africa. People who have come up as matches for me are primarily in the Middle East and northern Africa with some in West Africa. The third type, autosomal testing, can tell you your genetic/heritage make-up going back 5 to 6 generations. It can’t tell you whether you inherited any genes from your maternal or paternal side but rather gives overall composition of your background.

Since both of my parents were born in Cape Verde, I of course, assumed that my tests would come back a mix between Portuguese and African. I also assumed that given my and my parent’s skin tone that it would show majority African. I knew that, historically, there were English, French, and Italian people who lived in Brava but never did I ever imagine that my testing would come up as me being almost 70% TUSCAN ITALIAN?!?!? As in no Portuguese genes at all! Lol!

This shows where my genetic background is from.

I encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about their heritage to visit

***Since I first posted this entry, I have had the opportunity to connect with many “DNA cousins” through the Family Finder test through, which is their version of autosomal testing. Other people who have taken the same test are listed as matches for me and we can contact one another to figure out our connection. I have connected with many Cape Verdeans as well as people of other ethnicities who are up to fifth cousins (we share the same great-great-great-great grandparents). I also submitted my results to where I am matched with other DNA cousins who took tests with 23andMe and Ancestry. Compared to some others, I don’t have nearly as many matches. I have 24 matches on Family Finder and 135 through Others who have tested have thousands!!!

If you are interested in having your DNA tested, look into the following companies
Ancestry DNA


Author: The Creola Genealogist

My name is Anna Lima. I am the daughter of immigrants, born and raised in Massachusetts. I am the mother of two and a Speech Pathologist. My love of family history began as a child listening to my elders speak of “the old country”. Through their stories grew a love for the culture and traditions of my ancestors and I wanted to know more about who they were. My great-grandmother, our family Griot, was my greatest inspiration as she passed down stories and traditions that have helped me become the person I am today. I believe that remembering our ancestors strengthens who we are. I hope to continue my great-grandmother’s legacy, to continue to pass down the stories of not only my own family history but also the stories of the ancestors of anyone who wishes to remember. My blog is dedicated to the ancestors, those remembered and those yet to be found.

15 thoughts on “Cape Verde DNA”

  1. Congratulation for the blog. I'm researching about Cape Verde diaspora and find it amazing to follow through the posts and find about our common heritage. My grandfathers were also from boavista and my great grandfather was a priest. Porfirio Pereira was his name. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much, Mr Monteiro! I have been researching CV history, genealogy, and the diaspora for years. I have actually been in contact with descendants of CV immigrants from England, New Zealand and Australia, etc who are also interested in learning about their roots. The Boa Vista's history is very interesting. Many of the families there were Jews from Morocco and Gibraltar. And that is also where the first commission to end the practice and trade of slaves was first signed. I have copies if the actual documents. Thank you, again for commenting and please check back soon as I will be posting more on my research soon.

  3. Hello Creola,I enjoyed reading your post. I am also a Creola. I have also taken a DNA test. The last 3 or 4 years I've been reading about these DNA tests and what I have discovered is that there is virtually no way to distinguish btwn Italian and Portuguese in reality as they are very closely related populations. What I think happened with your test is that the sample group the company has is Italian, meaning you are 70% southern European, which is probably overwelmingly Iberian(Portuguese) the test will say Tuscan/Italy because that the closest to Portugese they have. it does not mean 70% of your dna is Italian, that's impossible in a country like Cape Verde. For example, if their sample group was from Spain, you results would say Spain, same goes for Portugal. I'm not sure what company you used, but these tests are sometimes misleading as the sample groups from Africa are limited while the Europeans ones are more representative. They usually have one sample group for the whole of AFrica which does not give an accurate reading or %. For example, if they have only Yoruba(which is the most likely), and you descend from Mandingas, Fulas, Wolof etc…you are not going to get the correct %. I came out 60% Euro, however when I had my results analyzed by a lab with a more diverse sample group the actual Euro was about 40%. I'm curious what service did you use? If you are interested I can give more information on getting your results looked at so you can get a more accurate % reading. They will break down you African, Euro, Asia(if present) and Middle East.Thanks.

  4. Hi, I am finding your research very fascinating. I am also the daughter of parents born in Cabo Verde. My father is from Praia and my mother from Fogo. We have a very large family (like most) and are currently trying to trace back our family tree. Thanks for sharing your information!

  5. Hi and thanks for your comment. My paternal side is from fogo and there is a family story about three brothers who decided to take different names after leaving Portugal, Lopes, Fontes and Pontes. It would be interesting to know if you are one of the Pontes descendants! I am obsessed with this genealogy thing and it is so important for us to know about our origins, both the European and African roots.

  6. Thanks for your reply. The company assure me that they have a substantial number of people of Portuguese/Spanish genes as well as southern Italian. They were very clear that my results were specific to the northern Tuscan area. It is definitely not unlikely as Brava had a large number of Europeans including French, Italians and Sephardic Jews. It is also not unlikely to have a majority European results especially with ancestry from Fogo and Brava.

  7. what are your stp values on your DNA test… i also got Tuscan (italy) as my result. But your stp values (bunch of numbers) will determine your subclade… Mine is V65 which is Egyptian/Libyan descent.

  8. Hi, my father is from SAO Nicolau and my Mother is also from SAO Nicolau but her father is half spanish his last name is Duarte and my fathers side Conceicao. I’m very interested in my genealogie.

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