Da Lomba
De Barros
De Burgo
Dos Santos
Do Carmo
Da Cruz
De Abreu
De Andrade

7 thoughts on “Surnames”

  1. I was referred to this link through my friend Ana DeVega; for help with my family great great grandparent who migrated to USA born in Brava and Fogo.
    I have a translated WILL from my Great Grandfather which he gave all rights to properties in Brava, Cape Verde Island’s. My grandfather would go back and forth to visit his father and other relative’s and to keep up the property taxes. The original WILL was transcribed in creole there’s 7+ lots of land and 3 or 4 homes.
    I’ve have never been to Brava, but would like to go on the near future. I have a cousin who travels to Brava to visit her in-laws now and then.
    My first priority is Genealogy. Please provide me with details as to how you can help me a long with fee for documented and certified copy of deeds, birth, death, marriage and/or other legal records once my ancestors information has been located.
    Lastly, I have original photo’s my Grandfather’s Visa card and passport photo’s along with numerous pictures of without names family that were photographed in C.V.
    Thanks, for your time and assistance with my genealogy quest. Looking forward to receiving your feedback.

    Warmest Regards,

    Jackie <– {Burgo-Gracia) Diallo

  2. Looking for grandfather from brava braca name Antone monterio.Came to usa on a merchant marine boat with his brother who was murdered with and ice pick some women. Had 3 children with a white women from brazil. He was deported back to cape verde . has family in falmouth and Taunton,Ma.

  3. My Great GrandFather is Domingo Pina/Depina Great GrandMother is Maria Jesus Baptista the from Fogo.
    I need to know there Children’s name

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