DNA update!

In previous entries, I have written a bit on my DNA results which show that my genetic make-up is Mandinkan/Yoruba and Tuscan Italian. My mtDNA showed origins in West Africa/North Africa/Mediterranean areas but not much else. FamilytreeDNA.com continuously upgrades results as new advances come along in the technology and it’s always possible to log-in and find something completely different everyday.

Today, my mtDNA results seem to have been updated and I now have a ton of information on ancestral origins in Africa than show quite a few matches who are mostly Bantu (Fang, Ngomba, Galoa, Ndumu, and Punu)!!!!

I will update more info later on as I research more information on these particular tribes.

Author: The Creola Genealogist

My name is Anna Lima and I was born and raised in Massachusetts. I have an obsession for all things Cabo Verde, genealogy and history. I was fortunate to have known my great-grandmother, Maria Coelho Rodrigues, who inspired my love and interest in my family history. I hope to share and inspire others to discover their own family histories.

6 thoughts on “DNA update!”

  1. Entering the world of DNA testing can be great information–but almost information overload! I just started getting results back on some of these tests on my own family members–a lot of study ahead to actually understand all of these findings!

    You seem to have a fascinating family history story. I just found your blog today, thanks to a mention at GeneaBloggers. Best wishes as you continue your research and testing, as well as your blog!

  2. Charming blog – two of my favorite places are Cape Verde (I’m a huge fan of Ceseria Evora) and Goa – both have deep Portuguese and Jewish roots. Keep up the good work!

  3. Outstanding! I have D.N.A tested too, haven’t yet determined my admixture or countries of origin. 23 and me says I have a lot of ancestry from the U.K.; Trinidad and Tobago; and the U.S. I am African too, European and Native American mostly South American. I’d like to know a more precise breakdown.

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