#52 Ancestors- Antonio Jose Coelho – Ancestor #5

#52 Ancestors- Antonio Jose Coelho – Ancestor #5.

Author: The Creola Genealogist

My name is Anna Lima and I was born and raised in Massachusetts. I have an obsession for all things Cabo Verde, genealogy and history. I was fortunate to have known my great-grandmother, Maria Coelho Rodrigues, who inspired my love and interest in my family history. I hope to share and inspire others to discover their own family histories.

One thought on “#52 Ancestors- Antonio Jose Coelho – Ancestor #5”

  1. Ok, i love this website and what you are doing… i’ve been reading and it’s an amazing body of work. Also if you get this message, i should correct myself by saying that Captain Phillip Lopes Da Cruz, is actually my great-great grandfather. And i appreciate your work deeply. As part of my spiritual practice, i honor acknowledge and seek to know my ancestors. i love that you are answering the question, What is a Cape Verdean? Very helpful to me. Maybe if we link i can get some more information on my Rebeiro side.

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