#52 Ancestors- Antonio Jose Coelho – Ancestor #5

#52 Ancestors- Antonio Jose Coelho – Ancestor #5.

Author: The Creola Genealogist

My name is Anna Lima. I am the daughter of immigrants, born and raised in Massachusetts. I am the mother of two and a Speech Pathologist. My love of family history began as a child listening to my elders speak of “the old country”. Through their stories grew a love for the culture and traditions of my ancestors and I wanted to know more about who they were. My great-grandmother, our family Griot, was my greatest inspiration as she passed down stories and traditions that have helped me become the person I am today. I believe that remembering our ancestors strengthens who we are. I hope to continue my great-grandmother’s legacy, to continue to pass down the stories of not only my own family history but also the stories of the ancestors of anyone who wishes to remember. My blog is dedicated to the ancestors, those remembered and those yet to be found.

One thought on “#52 Ancestors- Antonio Jose Coelho – Ancestor #5”

  1. Ok, i love this website and what you are doing… i’ve been reading and it’s an amazing body of work. Also if you get this message, i should correct myself by saying that Captain Phillip Lopes Da Cruz, is actually my great-great grandfather. And i appreciate your work deeply. As part of my spiritual practice, i honor acknowledge and seek to know my ancestors. i love that you are answering the question, What is a Cape Verdean? Very helpful to me. Maybe if we link i can get some more information on my Rebeiro side.

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