#52 Ancestors – “Papa” -Joao Antonio Lopes #2

I was Papa’s favorite grandchild. Yes, I said it…because it’s true. I know I was his favorite… and so were my sisters. That’s what made Papa the best grandfather in the world. My sisters and I can debate all day about why each one of us was his favorite and we’d all be right.

My favorite memories are of Papa taking us for rides in the back of his big yellow station wagon through the streets of Brockton, MA back when no one knew what seat belts were for. Not that we were in any kind of danger, for that matter, with Papa behind the wheel… You can’t do much damage driving 15 miles an hour. A ten minute drive through D.W. Fields park took 30 minutes for us and we enjoyed every minute of it. I can remember being sick when I was younger and staying with my grandparents. I had an upset stomach and throwing up that night. Papa put me the big yellow station wagon to get some fresh air and before I knew I felt 100% better… as he drove 15 miles an hour down S. Leydon St.

It probably wasn’t until he passed away that I even knew his real name. He was known as “Nho Popinho” or “Popinho de Nho Djedje”. According to Papa’s birth certificate, on the 16th of March, 1915, Maria de Barros, 30, and natural of the Fogo and resident of Relva, declared that at 3 o’clock on the afternoon of September 30, 1913, her son, Joao, was born in Relva. He was the legitimate son of Jose Antonio Lopes, 36, who was also a native of the island of Fogo. He was the paternal grandson of Roberto Jose Lopes and Catarina Lopes de Barros, both deceased. His maternal grandparents were Pedro de Barros (Abreu) and Maria Miguelina Lopes (Friere), residents of Relva. The certificate states that the family surname is “Antonio Lopes” and his godparents were his uncle, Cristiano de Barros, and Olimpia Fernandes. The most surprising bit of information on Papa’s birth certificate is that it says that his parents were married in the parish of Nossa Senhora de Ajuda on June 6, 1908.


Author: The Creola Genealogist

My name is Anna Lima and I was born and raised in Massachusetts. I have an obsession for all things Cabo Verde, genealogy and history. I was fortunate to have known my great-grandmother, Maria Coelho Rodrigues, who inspired my love and interest in my family history. I hope to share and inspire others to discover their own family histories.

5 thoughts on “#52 Ancestors – “Papa” -Joao Antonio Lopes #2”

  1. OK, i’m getting so into your website, i’ve been pressing my Mother, grand-daughter or Capt. Phillip Da Cruz for anything after him and she had nothing and now because he was the brother to your ancestor, i can now go back and have the names all the way back throughout he generations. i’m so happy about this. My Dad will be too, i was wondering if you do this professionally, if there is any way that we could pay for your expertise to help fill in the blanks on my Father’s side.
    i hope to hear from you soon. i’m so excited i’m going to make some calls home. Ashe!

    1. Hi Cousin! I’m so glad my posts are helping you connect with your ancestors. From what I have been able to find, our family leads right back to one of the original “discoverers” of Cabo Verde, Antonio da Noli.

  2. Wow! That’s amazing. i’m going to be all over this site, and sending it to my mom and sisters tonight. But i was wondering one thing, if you happen to know the name of Captain Philips wife? Joseph Cruz’s Mother? Thats my moms Grandmother but she must have passed young because she only knows her grandfather Jo and his wife Isabel Cruz, but not Captain Philips wife’s name. Hoping you do. Thanks again! Good Night!

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